Reputation Level Perks: Free group ID

Free Group IDs are awarded to users of Rep level 30 and above and as follow:


Level 30+: Free 4 digit group ID

Level 40+: Free 3 digit group ID

Level 60+: Free 2 digit group ID 



- Higher-level users have the priority in choosing group IDs

- Fulfilling the user's request depends on ID availability and can take up to 7 working days

- ُThe group must be owned by the awarded users and can't be gifted or transferred in the future

- We have the right to reject certain ID requests.


How to order your special group ID

- you must have a reputation level of 30 or above to request a special group ID

- Fill your details in the form below and make sure that you provide us with 5 options (5 different IDs) so we can fulfill your request in case the one ID you want is not available.

- One of your staff members will get in touch with you if need to complete the process

- fulfilling the request will take from 7-14 working days after you submit your request 


Request your free Group ID today


For more information about Reputation Levels' privileges please check the link:  What privileges do you have when you level up?

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