Charms of the Month

Charms of the Month has returned once again. This year works exactly as it did last year, WOLF will continue to release a batch of limited edition charms only available for several days towards the end of each month. 

Once the Charms are removed from the Store, they’re gone for good. So grab them whilst they are available.

As we always aim to improve your experience using the app. We have introduced a number of additions and changes from last year, which are explained below.

Pricing structure & Reputation

  • Previously, Charms of the Month were 1500 Credits each. We have now reduced this to 1000 Credits each
  • You still earn the same amount of Reputation for collecting all the Charms this year as you did last year.

Charm Achievements

  • Every month, each 4 limited edition Charms released rewards 1 Achievement each.

4 Charms a month x 12 months = 48 Achievements + 1 Parent Achievement

New Achievements introduced this year 

A new multi-step achievement under ‘ Magic Gaming Moments’ has been introduced.

  • Multi-step achievement (12 steps + 1 parent)

How do I obtain these Achievements?

You can gain the new bot Achievement by wearing one of the four Charms whilst playing a specific bot.

Please see an example below:

January Charms of the Month

  • You can get an  ‘Achievement’ whilst playing Fishing Bot
  • You can wear ANY of the 4 Charms of the Month for January to get this Achievement
  • The Achievement/Item associated with the bot will be available permanently.

If you have questions about Charms of the Month or the Bots associated with its Achievements, please contact our in-app Support Group:

WOLF Support

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