Important App Support Updates


Making WOLF the best app experience possible sometimes means that we are no longer able to support older versions of our app on iOS and Android platforms. We know this may cause some inconvenience for some users. However, these issues can easily be solved by upgrading your app to the latest version. (See below for links).

We appreciate your understanding. Read on below for more specific information regarding app and system versions supported.

App versions


Version 10.9 of WOLF introduced a new look to our Discover page. However, only users on this version or above will see this page.


If you are on a lower version of WOLF than 10.11, as well as certain devices and operating systems, you will not be able to use WOLF. We recommend updating to the latest version of the app, where possible.

OS Effected

  • Android 5 or lower.

  • iOS 14.4 or lower.

Upgrade your App

We recommend you download the latest version to get WOLF’s full features:



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