Achievements Upgrade

We’ve spent some time upgrading Achievements to make them work smoother and look slicker.

As part of this revamp, however, users on older versions of WOLF (10.2 or below), won’t be able to see new Achievements when they have been unlocked, so we recommend updating to the latest app version to get the full Achievement experience!

Another feature of this upgrade is that users can no longer lose Achievements. If you’ve earned one, it will stay with you forever! (with the exception of Rank 1 and Elite Club.)

You’ll also notice that all scalable Achievements now have titles, making it more of a celebration when you unlock the next level.

And speaking of celebrations, on WOLF 10.12, you will now land on a special celebration screen when you click on an Achievement notification.

NOTE: If you are an iOS user on the current version of the app (or previous releases) when you go to the Achievement section you will be presented with a blank screen. To resolve this, simply tap on the manual refresh icon. This bug will be fixed in the next app update which we aim to release as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

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