Open Beta 10.7

What to Expect from Open Beta

It’s good to remember that Beta Builds are a pre-release version of the final software and may be unstable, lack features and generally not function as expected. It’s important you’re aware of this before participating. Open Beta can be fun and hugely rewarding, but it can also be frustrating. If you want to join in the process-welcome aboard! If the Open Beta is not for you, that's okay, too. You can change your mind at any time and return to the version you’re used to.

Events Tab

If you’re a Group owner (or Advanced Admin), you’ll now see the “Create Event” button on your Group Profile, under the “Line-Up” tab.

The Line-Up tab is a place where Group events can be viewed, in order of their occurrence.


Creating and Editing an Event



  • Event Picture: This will catch people’s eye, so make it relevant to the event you’re planning--is it a DJ set? Comedy show?

  • Event Name: “Rave Hour” – the title of your event

  • Date: Select the date the event is taking place

  • Time: What time it’s happening

  • Duration: How long the event will last

  • Tagline : Give people a hint about what’s happening

  • About: A longer description about what’s happening, it can include guests, topics, and more.

Event Profile

Profile Page

Tapping on an event in the Line-Up Tab of a Group Profile shows you what’s going on.

The little “share” icon in the top right allows you to let users, Groups, and even people outside the app know about your event. So don’t feel shy about bringing them along.


  • Group Avatar and Group Name: Takes you straight to the Group profile.

  • Tagline: Shows the highlights of the show

  • Add Icon: Turn on notifications: A reminder the event is about to start 15 mins before and just as it’s starting. It’ll also add this event to the “Events' list (Home Tab). Once added, if you tap the same icon again, it’ll remove the event from your list.

  • On Air Button: Let’s you know if a show is live. If you tap it, you’ll be taken right to the Group.

  • About: A place for more info about the event

Where the “Events” tab is located on your Home Tab.



  • By popular request, we have introduced a push to talk feature to IOS that should help you run better shows with less background noise. This is enabled by heading to settings > General then enabling push to talk. This will unlock a push to talk button for you that you can drag anywhere on the screen.

The usual bug fixes and improvements.

Reporting Issues

This part is hugely important because you are our eyes and ears. Your feedback can help fix an important issue or help make the correct decision when the answer is not clear. If you think you’ve found an issue, here’s what to do:

Join the appropriate Open Beta group for your language and device (See Below). Post your findings where a member of staff or volunteer will help validate if you have found something new or if it’s already a known issue. Open Beta Groups:

If you would like to offer feedback or have questions, please join these Groups:

If you want to go back to an old build

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