Safeguard Your Account

Have you ever thought of how important it is to keep your account secure?

Here is some guidance on how best to secure your account based on our experience of issues reported to us in Support.

What are some of the basic things I can do to protect my account?

  • Remember WOLF will never ask you for your password so never give it out.
  • Use a secure password: Avoid using your name or simple easy to guess passwords such as 1234. A combination of upper and lower case, letters and numbers is a good start. DO NOT use a password you use for any other service.
  • Do not share accounts. Not only is account sharing against the Terms of Service but it’s also a fast way for you to have your account stolen!

Someone just sent me a link to a promotion, should I click it?

  • Be cautious of links you don’t recognise especially if they are sent by someone you don’t know.  Don’t be mislead by offers of free credits.
  • Do not under any circumstance enter any information (email or password) into a website you don’t know, always check the URL to ensure it is (developer) or
  • We will never send you links via PM we use the in-app notification system you will be familiar with from using the service.

Who can I go to for help with my account?

  • You can recognise official support helpers by looking at their tag (Volunteer) or Achievements, to be sure that they are community Volunteers.
  • You can find all support helpers in [WOLF support] group.  Read more about the official groups and what the tags mean here.
  • Alternatively you can contact us direct here.

My account has been hacked! What can I do?

  • If someone has somehow managed to get access to your account secure your email and change your password here.
  • If you are still having issues contact us here and be sure to include as much information as possible to help us determine who owns the account.
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