Entertainer Tag

Entertainer Tag

The Entertainer Tag is a Yellow Tag, (similar to the volunteer tag) that appears next to users' names in the chat screen and on their profile, The users who have this tag have distinguished themselves in the app as Entertainers and regularly put on high-quality audio shows in the app and have been chosen by our staff.

WOLF Entertainers will be chosen at the beginning upon the talents and radio hosts who served the app during the last years. Afterwards we will send a GN to make an audition at certain times for the users who are talented/Radio hosts who are interested in the tag, didn't do any violation in the last year, and accept the following responsibilities:

  • To help us promote the app through recording clips from their shows/talents, or perform pre-prepared scenarios with us to use in our marketing campaign and social media platforms.

  • Perform and host our official WOLF events upon requests. 

  • Developing the talent/presenting skills through training courses and meetings that will be specified during the project.

  • Promoting the entertainers inside and outside the app to create WOLF stars and reflect the great talents we have.

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