Audio Stages


Stages is a Group feature where up to 5 people can take the mic and start entertaining. You can tap on an open slot to start chatting/singing/reciting poetry or generally performing using live audio in a Group. Pretty simple, right?


Quick start

Enabling Audio

  • Go to your Group profile > Tap on the pencil icon to edit > Scroll down to Audio Stage and tap to enable.
  • From here you can also choose your own themed stage for your Group. Tap on Stage Type > scroll down and select your favourite theme > Save.  

Stage_1.PNG Stage_4.png


Taking a mic

  • To take a mic, tap on an empty slot from the stage at the top> Tap "Take Mic"
  • While you're in an open slot, tap your Avatar again to bring up further options:
    • Drop Mic: Leave the Stage
    • Mute: Mute yourself but still stay on Stage
    • More: Access your profile, Chat, and Admin Actions

Stage_2.PNG Stage_5.png





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