Monster bot update



Monsters are still roaming the Palringo community, and now they have adapted! Adopt one with the Monster Bot and raise it to battle another groups’ monster to earn even more fame and fortune!

About the monsters

Rumour has it that the monsters have always been a part of the Palringo community, being mischievous and causing trouble. Mostly they have been hiding in the background, but sometimes appearing as bugs or pests.

As of late, it is now possible to catch one of these monsters and have some fun. Monsters still want to cause trouble though, so therefore we have arranged for monster battles!

Each monster is different... But now you have the power to make them even more so, with Brand new customization functionality. 

Name Each monster has its own name. Choose it yourself! You can do this by typing !m create and name your monster.
Looks There are many different monsters out there, which one you get is random.
ATK Attack rating. The higher the value, the easier to land a hit in battle. You will gain more attack as you level up.
DEF Defence rating. The higher the value, the easier to avoid getting hit. You will gain more defense as you level up.
HP Health points. How many hits the monster can take before passing out. Your health grows as you level up.
XP Experience points. Earned from partaking in battles. The more XP you gained, the higher level you become.

A few other useful bits of information.


Gold, winning monster from a battle, will take some of the loser’s gold. Spend gold on training kits and level up faster.
Cooldown After having attacked another monster, the attacker will be exhausted and unable to attack again for a limited time.
Shield An attacked monster will get a shield that protects it from subsequent attacks for a while. If the protected monster attacks another monster during this time, the shield will be removed.


We have introduced a number of changes in this latest patch so let's go through a quick run through.


Let's go through the commands and what they do and how they function.

!m create <monster_name> Follow this with your desired monster name to create the monster for the group. only the Group owner can do this
!m rename <new_monster_name> Rename your monster (Owner only)
!m delete Deletes your monster irreversibly along with skins and perks, This cannot be undone.
!m help Displays a helpful cheat sheet of commands.
!m attack Sends your monster off to battle a random monster that is close to your level.
!m attack <group_id> (NEW FEATURE!) Battle another group's monster, yes that is right. You can now challenge another groups monster, but you cannot challenge a lower level monster.
!m status Display your monster's current statistics and perks.
!m interact Interact with your monster - Enter "back" to return to previous menus!
!m interact perks/stats/train/appearance interact perks/stats/train/appearance - Lets you quickly navigate to the interact submenus. (Mod Only)
!m appearance Displays your monsters current appearance, get to know them. They are pretty adorable, just saying.
!m perks Allows you look at the available perks for your monster (Mod Only)
!m rules Display a short text about Monster Bot.
!m dig Go on a hunt for loot and gold for your Moster, This can be converted into XP and used to change your monster's appearance!
!m treat Give your monster a treat, They sure do deserve it after fighting for you, a treat can help your monster recover faster from battle.
!m toggle This toggles between the Text and animation battles.
!m languages Display the help commands in other languages.
!m loot names Displays the various Loot names.
!m stats This displays your group's stats on the Monster bot.
!m total Displays your personal stats!


 Monster battles!

Attacking another monster is the primary way to gain XP to level up, and hopefully some gold.

As the monster’s battle, you can follow the action. The monsters will take a turn trying to hit each other. Depending on each monster’s attributes (and some luck) one of them will eventually win, and the match is over.


If the attacking monster wins, it will steal a portion of the losing monster’s gold.

The winning monster also gets a lot of XP, while the losing monster only gets little. Make sure to win!

Appearance Menu

The appearance menu has had a massive overhaul this last update with all new ways of improving the look of your monster to make it more personal and more in line with your preferences. let's explore it!


First off open up the interaction menu with the !M interact command, the bot will then send you a private message.


From here choose option C: Manage Monster Appearance by Typing "C" into the chat. This will open up the following menu.


From here we can change the monster type, Background, and skin variant. Let's start at the top; Please note you can say "Back" at any time to return to the previous menu. To Choose any of the options just say the correlating Letters. 



Take your pick of the monster Type then Choose the letter You want to pick; I am going with E, The Parasite. This will then ask you to confirm your choice.


Press Send the chat command "Y" to confirm your purchase!

Once purchased it will then Navigate you back to the Main Interact menu.

Skin Variant

Let's just go straight into changing the skin variant, its a very similar process so let's go through it quickly.


First head back to the Monster appearance menu, Then Choose option C to set the skin variant, that will open the following menu.


Then it is as simple as choosing the letter that corresponds to the color You wish to pick, Confirm how you did for the monster type and you're done.

Now that your monster is looking exactly how you want it... you're going to want to change the background to suit the monster.


Choosing option B from the appearance menu will change the background your monster appears on; it will give you options like shown below. 


Once chosen, same as the other menus, send the corresponding letter to the bot, I chose D. this will give you a preview and the option to confirm or decline the purchase.


And now we are done, Your monster is now personalized for you!


The Interact menu

We already discussed some aspects of the interact menu but let's go over the rest




A: Manage Perks. This is where you can choose what powerful perks your monster has and uses, this is critical to successfully attacking other monsters.
B: Manage Stat Points. Managing stat points is Just as important as managing Perks is just as important as managing Perks.
C: Manage Monster Appearance. We have already looked at Monster appearance above.
D: Train your monster by spending gold. Allows you to purchase additional XP in exchange for Gold.
E: Cooldown Purchase. Allows you to purchase faster cooldowns and speed up your progress.
F: Allow everyone in your group to treat or dig every 5 minutes. Similiar to above but effects everybody in the group.


leveling up and selecting perks

At every fifth level, monsters can learn a new perk. Perks range from boosting attributes to having specific functions during battles. Choose wisely as they will determine your monster’s future success! The Perks have level requirements outlined below.




Level Requirement

Regeneration 5
Swift Punch 5
Extra Reflexes 5
Mighty Muscles 10
Dodge 10
Iron Skin 15
Tunnel Vision 15
Icy Stare 20
Cold Blood 20
Meat Shield 25
Double Fist 25
Friendly Face 30
Scary Looks 30
Hydration 35
Fiery Fangs 35
Power Punch 40
Shadow Speed 40
Fitness 45


 Another new aspect of the Perk menu is the ability to reset your perks and reselect them, allowing you to change how you have set up your monster should you wish to realign how your monster performs in combat, this is found in the manage perks menu and costs 4000 Gold.

Once you hit level 75, you will then have all the perks.


Stat Points (NEW!)

 Stat points are a fantastic way of improving your monsters; they allow you to increase your monster's base stats, ATK and DEF, at the expense of gold. So how do you do this?

First, open up the interact menu as we have discussed before using the !M Interact command then choose option B, manage stat points.




From here you can purchase the stat points with option A. You can only purchase stat points equal to the level you have attained.



 cooldown reductions

Are you needing to speed up your progress on monster bot? Well, open up the interact menu again with the !M interact command.


You have two options, First off choosing E will cost you 25 credits, but it will instantly reset the cooldown on your monster, allowing you to go straight into another battle to speed up your progress.

Or you can spend 100 credits to allow everyone in the group to treat or dig every 5 minutes, this lasts for an hour and can massively increase your progress with the monster bot.

Attacking other groups. ((NEW!!!))

Another new feature for the Monster bot is the ability to directly challenge other groups. To do this use the command !m attack <group_id> putting the group ID of the group you want to fight in where it says Group ID. 

The Monsters will then fight, and people in both groups will be able to watch.  It is important to note that you cannot attack groups who's monster is a lower level than yours.

And that should be all you need to know on the subject of the Monster bot updates. Good luck and have fun!

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