Channel level

Channel levels help users navigate hundreds and thousands of channels. The higher the level of a channel, the more likely it is to be a fun place to hang out!
How do I increase the channel level of my channel? 
  • Having quality chat
  • An active Stage with listeners
  • An up-to-date and complete channel profile 
Why can't I see what percentage of the level my channel has completed?
We are working on adding new features and functionality.
I've purchased a Bot for the channel but it hasn't increased the channel level. Why not?
Your channel's reputation will only increase straight away if a new/different Bot has been purchased for the channel - i.e. a Bot which isn't there already. If it *is* a Bot that's new to the channel, rest assured you will get the according channel rep, but this may not be automatically reflected in a visible increase to your channel level.
My channel level has just significantly increased out of the blue. Why has that happened?
Any Bot subscriptions that extend beyond 3 years will be converted into channel rep on an ongoing basis. This explains why you might see a jump in your channel level every now and again.
Terms of Service 
As of 1st August 2016, our Terms of Service change to reflect this update on Bot purchasing. Please make yourself familiar with the update with reference to the section on Virtual Currency or Goods. 

 If you have any other questions, just ask our super support team in [wolf support].

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