Guess what? Bot

The Guess What? Bot is a quiz bot showing you pictures and all you have to do is to guess what you see. You simply need to post that in the group without any special bot commands. This bot is multilingual, so you can easily use bot and guess words in your language!

From logos to close ups, there are various different game categories to choose from!

You can easily keep on playing with the !gw autoplay command. Autoplay turned on means that as long as someone answers correctly before the time runs out, Guess what? Bot will give you another image automatically without additional user input. You can also play in specific categories with autoplay, eg. type !gw food when autoplay is turned on and you will continue to get images only from the food category.

Guess what? Bot commands:

!gw - to start a game
!gw <categoryname> - to start a game in a specific category
!gw list - to see the available categories
!gw autoplay - To toggle autoplay on/off (category can still be changed during autoplay)
!gw help - to see this message
!gw rank - to see your position
!gw scores - to see the group scores
!gw total - To see your total score from all groups
!gw languages - Shows the help command for all supported languages

!gw clearscores - Resets the group leaderboard (Owner only).

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