Auto Post Bot

Got an important message you would like your Group to know about and would like a Bot to post it automatically for you?

The Auto Post Bot is at hand to do just that for you!

To find out the list of commands that the Auto Post Bot has (it has a lot) simply type !ap help

Here are a few example of the commands in use:

  • '!ap add' - Tell the bot what would you like to post.
  • '!ap' - Will show what messages you have inside the Bot.
  • '!ap post 1' - The Bot will post number 1.
  • '!ap start 5' - Will post messages every 5 minutes

A cool Auto Post Bot fact!

The Auto Post Bot can work with the Image Bot if you type '!ap add !!kittens' the Auto Post Bot will tell what image to post from the Image Bot, cool eh?


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