The Palringo Store

Have you ever wanted to browse the Palringo Store to see what goodies we have?


This guide will show you what the Palringo Store is and what it sells.

To access the Store head to your home tab and open the store.


Inside the Store you can purchase many different things from Palringo CreditsMessage PacksBots and a Palringo Premium Account.

If you wish to view the whole selection of anything in the Store, tap Show All.


When purchasing anything from the Store you will be given the option to purchase a product for yourself, a friend or a group and for how long for.


For example the Message Pack 'Rage' is worth 100 Palringo Credits which lasts for 30 Days or the Monster Bot is worth 100 Palringo Credits which lasts 30 days to 365 days worth 900 Palringo Credits.

So get exploring and see what many things you can buy!

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