How to renew your expired Bots

Has your wonderful Guess What Bot expired? But you would like it to renew itself automatically in the future?

This simply guide will show you how to do exactly just that.

Start of by visit and logging into your account.


Once logged into your account, click your name in the top right hand corner opening the menu and click Dashboard.


Inside the Dashboard click RENEWALS on the right side of the webpage.

Inside the RENEWALS page you will see information on different products you have purchased on your account such as Credit Balance, Premium Account Expiry, Purchased Message Packs with Expiry Dates and Group Products (Bots) expiry dates.

By scrolling to the bottom of the page you will find Group Products (Bots) here you will have the option to RENEW and AUTO on the Bots.

Renewing will simply take you through the process of repurchasing the Bot and Auto once confirmed will allow the Bot to automatically Renew it's providing you have the correct number of Credits.

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