How to Silence, Kick, Ban & how to undo Silence, Kick, Ban.

Have you ever felt that there is someone in your group that you wanted to stop sending messages, remove them from the group instantly or to permanently remove someone from the group so they cannot return?

As a group owner/admin/mod you have the ability to SilenceKick and Ban users within your group.

This simple guide will show to how Silence  Kick and Ban users within your group and how to reverse those actions.


Open the left side menu, tap Chats.

Inside Chats tap the group you would like to see the group chat of (in this case we have tapped 'english faq test'). Inside the chat you will need to view the members list by tapping the Two People icon in the top right of the device.

Inside the Members List you will see the users within the group who are online or offline. 

Tap and hold on the user you wish to perform a SilenceKick or Ban on and four options will appear, tap the option Admin, this will bring up the 3 options to Silence, Kick and Ban.

Select which action you would like to take.

  1. Silence - Will stop the user sending messages in the group.
  2. Kick - Removes the user from the group but they can rejoin the group.
  3. Ban - Permanently removes the user from the group and cannot rejoin the group.

When an actions is performed a message in the group chat will indicate what action has been performed.

It is possible to reverse a Silence or Ban simply follow the previous steps but you will notice that the Silence/Ban are now red instead of grey to indicate that an action is active, simply tap them and it will reverse the action.


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