How to create a Group

Ever wanted to have a Group to call your own so all of your friends can meet up and stay in touch?

Whatever your interests are, you can make a Group!

This simple guide will show you how to make the Group you've always wanted.

First off, head to Home tab (as shown below). Tap on the Groups > Create New Group.



Upon choosing to create a Group, there are several sections to fill out:




Upon choosing to create a Group, there are several sections to fill out:

File_001__1_.pngFile_001__2_.png File_001__3_.png


  1. Group Avatar - This is the profile picture of the Group that users see.
  2. Name - The name of your Group.
  3. Tagline - A quick summary of your Group or to say what's currently going on.


The Audio Stage is a feature that lets up to 5 people take a mic to chat and entertain.

  1. Active - Choose whether you'd like to have an Audio Stage in your Group.
    1. Selected Stage - Choose which Stage Theme you'd like to have.
    2. Participant Level - Set the minimum user level for people who can use the Stage.


  1. Description - Descriptions tell people what you're Groups all about.
  2. Language - Describe to a user what your Group is about and set the language of the Group.
  3. Category - Is your group a Gaming, Photography, Music or Sports Group? Let users know by choosing a suitable category.
  4. Entry Level - Want people above a certain level to be able to enter your Group? Simply set an entry level.


  1. Visible in Discover- If you would like the Community to see your group select 'Listed' or if you want your group to be private select 'Unlisted'.
  2. Conversation Preview - Whether a user who is not part of your Group is able to see what is going on in your Group before choosing to join.
  3. Administrator Privileges - If enabled, Admins can grant/revoke admin rights from other Admins. Please use with caution.

Lastly, you will have to agree with the our Guidelines which provide specific details that make the Community a safe place to be: abusing these Guidelines can result in a Group being locked.

Once you have agreed with the Guidelines, press Save at the top right of your device to create your Group!

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