How can I give my group to someone else?

If you wish to transfer your group to someone else you can do this with our group transfer request system. We do not transfer groups with a ticket request.

Please be aware of the following before attempting an ownership transfer;

- Both user accounts must be Premium.
- The Premium status of a group will be lost with a successful transfer.
- The prospective owner must be an admin in the group, both before the request, and during the period up until approval or rejection.


To transfer ownership of a group:


1. Navigate to


2. Select 'Manage Groups' from the dropdown menu.




3. Select a group.


4. Select 'Group Transfer'.


5. Enter the user ID and select 'Transfer Request'.




Please note: group ownership will also get automatically reassigned if the current group owner leaves the group or is pruned. If the group is premium it takes 7 days for a new owner, if the group is not premium it will take 24 hours for a new owner to be assigned. 

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