What are Admins and Mods?

When you create a Group, you will automatically become the Group's owner. You can use this ability to ensure your Group's members follow the rules.

As a Group owner, you have the following privileges:

  • Admin: appoint someone else as an Admin to help you. They have the ability to mod (see below) or remove mod from an existing mod, they also have the ability to silence, kick and ban users. Admins, like owners, also have the ability to edit Group functions via the website such as changing the avatar or setting a reputation limit. Owners can also turn on Advanced Admin which allows Admins to set Admins as well as remove Admins from Admins.
  • Mod: appoint someone else as an Mod (moderator) to help you. This user can only kick, silence or ban normal users. 
  • Silence: stop someone from sending messages in the Group chat.
  • Kick: force someone to leave your Group.
  • Ban: kick someone and prevent them from re-joining the Group.
  • Admins can strip someone of their Mod abilities at any time

Note: Admins and Mods are not affiliated with this app in any way.


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