Random Chat Bot

Bot ID: 25059116

This Bot can only be added to your contacts and not purchased from the store.

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Introducing the Random Chat Bot.

This new Bot is free to all Premium Account holders, to get the bot you can add the bot as a contact.

The Bot will attempt to connect you to another user in your preferred language 

To start a chat simply PM the Bot with !rc start en (for English) and it will attempt to connect you to another user.

This Bot supports:

English = en, Arabic = ar, German = de, Spanish = es, Italian =  it, Chinese = zh, Russian = ru, Farsi = fa & Hindi = hi

To chat in another language change this type !rc start <language>

Once you are finished chatting you can type !rc stop to end your chat session.


You can also enable your chat partners to send you images. These options are turned off by default, to enable them simply type the following commands 

!rc pic -> Allows receiving images from your friends

!rc nopic -> Disallows receiving images from your friends

Also !rc help -> Displays all of the Bot commands 


Any user found abusing the Random Chat Bot will have disciplinary action taken against their account.



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