Monster Bot

Monsters are roaming the community! Adopt one with Monster Bot and raise it to battle another Groups’ monster to earn fame and fortune!

About the monsters

Rumour has it that the monsters have always been a part of the community, being mischievous and causing trouble. Mostly they have been hiding in the background, but sometimes appearing as bugs or pests.

As of late, it is now possible to catch one of these monsters and have some fun. Monsters still want to cause trouble though, so therefore we have arranged for monster battles!

Although each monster is different, they all share some common traits.

Name Each monster has it’s own name. Choose it yourself! You can do this by typing !m create and name your monster.
Looks There are many different monsters out there, which one you get is random.
ATK Attack rating. The higher value, the easier to land a hit in battle. You will gain more attack as you level up.
DEF Defence rating. The higher value, the easier to avoid getting hit. You will gain more defence as you level up.
HP Health points. How many hits the monster can take before passing out.Your health grows as you level up.
XP Experience points. Earned from partaking in battles. The more XP you earn the higher level you become.
Level The higher level, the stronger monster. Rises as a monster gains XP.


There’s also a few other things about your monster which are good to know.

Gold The winning monster from a battle will take some of the loser’s gold. Spend gold on training kits and level up faster.
Cool down After having attacked another monster, the attacker will be exhausted and unable to attack again for a limited time.
Shield An attacked monster will get a shield that protects it from subsequent attacks for a while. If the protected monster attacks another monster during this time, the shield will be removed.

Monster battles

Attacking another monster is the main way to gain XP to level up, and hopefully some gold.

As the monster’s battle you can follow the action. The monsters will take turn trying to hit each other. Depending on each monster’s attributes (and some luck) one of them will eventually win and the match is over.


If the attacking monster wins, it will steal a portion of the losing monster’s gold.

The winning monster also gets a lot of XP, while the losing monster only gets little. Make sure to win!



!m Shows your monsters stats.
!m help Brings up the commands available.
!m rules Displays a short description about the bot.
!m attack Attack a random monster from another group.
!m toggle Toggles between displaying bot messages in fancy graphics or text only.
!m languages Displays all the "!m help" commands in currently translated languages.

User actions

!m dig Dig for treasure and add whatever you find to the monster’s stash.
!m treat

Give the monster a treat to make it less exhausted and ready to battle sooner.

Monster interactions

!m interact The Monster bot will pm you with options where you can:

Choose a new perk Choose a new perk if there is one available.
Train your monster Purchase XP with gold from the stash to help your monster level up quicker.
Get your monster ready to fight You will be offered to clear the amount of time left for the cool down.



Cool down purchase guide

Cool down remaining Cost of cool down
300 Minutes 500 Credits
240 Minutes 400 Credits
180 Minutes 300 Credits
120 Minutes 200 Credits
60 Minutes 100 Credits
30 Minutes 50 Credits
15 Minutes 25 Credits


Levelling up and selecting perks

At every fifth level, monsters can learn a new perk. Perks range from boosting attributes to having specific functions during battles. Choose wisely as they will determine your monster’s future success! 

Name Description



Tunnel Vision Possibility to get a significant increased chance to hit, but a lower chance to defend  5  ATK +10, DEF -15
Swift Punch Slight increased chance to get a successful hit  5  ATK +3
Iron Skin Possibility to get a significant increased chance to defend but a lower chance to hit  5  ATK -15, DEF +10
Regeneration Rare chance to regenerate 1 HP per fight  5 +1 HP
Mighty Muscles Increased chance to hit, lowered chance to defend  5 ATK +5, DEF -5
Icy Stare Slight chance to stop the opponent from attacking in their next round  5 Unable to attack next round
Dodge Increased chance to defend, lowered chance to hit  5 ATK -5, DEF +5
Extra Reflexes Slight increased chance to defend  5 DEF +3
Meat Shield Increased chance to defend, at the cost of 1 HP  10 HP -1, DEF +10
Double Fist Increased chance to land a hit, at the cost of 1 HP  10 HP -1, ATK +10
Cold Blood Can not be frozen, immune to ice attacks  10 Can not be frozen
Fiery Fangs Slight chance the opponent will lose 1 additional HP on the next round regardless of being hit or not  10 Lose 1 extra HP next round
Friendly Face Significantly lower opponent's chance to hit successfully  10 ATK -10
Scary Looks Significantly lower opponent's chance to defend successfully  10 DEF -10
Shadow Speed Significant increased chance to defend, lowered chance to hit  15 ATK -10, DEF +10
Hydration Can not be burnt, immune to fire attacks  15 Can not be burnt
Power Punch Significantly increased chance to hit, lowered chance to defend  15 ATK +10, DEF -10
Fitness Increases maximum HP by 1  20 HP +1
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