Credit transfer (gifting) service

Credit transfer
Elite Club members can request credit transfer from their Elite account to another account as per the following conditions:
- The maximum number of credits is 100,000 credits per day
- You can submit 1 request/day and a total of 10 requests per Month
- Both sender and receiver accounts will be audited before approving the request. If any of the accounts were suspended/barred in the last 30 days, the request will be rejected
- The request will be processed within 3 working days
- 10% of the amount to be transferred will be charged to the sender's account as processing fees 
- This service is available to the Elite Club members exclusively. If you lose your place in the Elite Club, you will lose your right to the service 
- You can submit a request via the form: or by speaking directly to one of Palringo's Support Team
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