Group Games Master achievement and Magic Gaming Moments

If you like playing our in-chat games and are something of a badge hunter, we’ve something that might grab your attention…

It’s the Group Games Master Achievement! “Ooooh cool...wait. What?”

OK, here’s how it works:

By playing Chat and GamePad games to a certain level, you will have gained Achievements specific to those games. You know that; great, but old news. Now, the exciting thing here is that, if you’ve earned achievements in *all* of our games in the group games master category, you will qualify for a special, overall achievement called Group Games Master!

Let us explain a little more… To unlock the Group Games Master Level 1 achievement, you will need to earn the first game achievement across all Group/chat games. Then, in order to unlock the Group Games Master Level 2 achievement, you will need to earn the second game achievement across all of the games. Then, so on and so forth, make sense?

There is one twist to this new achievement. Because it’s built to apply to all our games, when we release a new one, you will, by default, lose the Group Games Master achievement and the associated Rep. Don’t panic, you’ve come this far, so to regain the GGM achievement you simply need to earn the same level achievement in the new game as you have with the others, and you’ll quickly reclaim the according achievement and the Rep!


In addition to this we have created a second games achievement category, called… wait for it… Magic Gaming Moments! This new category will be home to all achievements that are related to the gaming occasions and events we run, such as Happy Hero 2016, or for the challenging tasks like those found in the Accomplished Angler achievement.


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